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My stock list of Sixties to Nineties (some earlier/some later) SF magazines. This is a working list - anything on this list may be put up for auction on eBay at any time, and the auction will take precedence.

Note that magazines are listed alphabetically by name: ANALOG precedes ASIMOVS (November 1992 and later) - which comes before ASTOUNDING. ISAAC ASIMOV'S SF. MAGAZINE (up to October 1992) comes after GALAXY - and MAGAZINE OF F&SF is filed under the letter M. (See jump-to list for examples.)

This magazine page is the newest part of my website, and still under construction! January issues of LOCUS will have notes on what departments/features are included by all issues of a year.

Overflowing shelves sale (I don't want to move this many magazines again)
If you buy 10 or more cheap magazines ($1 each or less) - get 10% discount on those.