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Bradley, M.Z.
THE WINDS OF DARKOVER [dkvr] {Whelan cvr}
book-date: 1970
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Michael Whelan

The Winds of Darkover - (this is in the middle of her "Darkover" series.) To me, this book marks a turning point for Bradley: her writing style continues to improve, and Darkovan history has proved to be the best form of series writing - not just a bunch of sequels, but a rich tapestry of conflict and characters, where Bradley writes about the most interesting parts. Larry Montray from Star of Danger has a part, and we are shown the raising of Sharra - a necessary act for a good end here, but destined to grow to a world shaking danger in later books.

After 17 years in the service and 5 at Darkover Spaceport, Dan Barron was out of a job. An error of his had caused a near-disaster that had almost cost thousands of lives. What could he tell them - that he was having visions of a Darkover he could not have known? Far away on Darkover, Storn Castle has been sacked by the bandit Brynat Scarface. He had chosen his target carefully - Storn of Storn was blind from birth, and the castle managed by his younger sisters and brother. But Brynat does not have all he wants, for Storn lies in a trance, protected by apparent sorcery. It is up to Melitta Storn to save her kin and people, and Storn has summoned an ally to help her - Dan Barron!