Norton, Andre
book-date: 1973
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Jack Gaughan
VG+ or better

DAW 4th? printing (mid-Seventies) paperback (number-sequence on credits page has first 4 numbers depleted.) Cover and frontispiece by Jack Gaughan, 205 pages, $1.50 cover price. Condition is VG+ or better: tight and square with flat spine, age tanning is mild and uniform; (1/2") haze/wear at bottom right corner where another book had stuck and left/removed ink when separated; 1/4" by 1/2" scrape in middle of cover; very light overall wear. No stamps, marks or writing - a clean copy that looks unread (but with shelfwear.)

Here Abide Monsters - I read this long ago, so here's the flap copy from a hardcover edition for a plot summary/set-up:
"Nick Shaw knew the strange reputation of the shortcut to the lake - long overgrown, but recently reopened - when he turned his motorbike into it, directing Linda, a newcomer, to her destination. Over a long span of years, a number of people had simply disappeared from that road. And then his bike hit something and he blacked out! With the slow return of consciousness, Nick discovered that he - and Linda in her jeep - were no longer on the narrow country road. But it took him a long while to understand that they had been catapulted into another space-time era - into Avalon of Arthurian legend - where "reality," as Nick knew it, and "illusion," as he had never known it, mingled disconcertingly. From people like themselves, who had been drawn earlier into this world, they learned that alien forces were harrying the land. Evil was everywhere, yet mysterious heralds also rode abroad, offering a "true" way of life to those who would accept it. But could the heralds be trusted? Nick - and Linda's - final choice between the believers and the unbelievers leads to the tautly told climax of this compelling narrative..."